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"Now I Lay Me Down" - the Beds for Monroe County Children Program

Have you ever been in a home where the children do not have a bed?

In 2001, the First Presbyterian Church started the “Now I Lay Me Down” program, providing beds to children in Monroe County who didn’t have one of their own to sleep on.  Their options often were to sleep on the floor or in dresser drawers.

As the program's success grew, so did the need.  This need soon overwhelmed the funds that were necessary to buy beds. Searching for a way to fund the program, The Bed Race to Aid Children was born out of a dream of Pastor Dean McGormley of the First Presbyterian Church of Monroe.  In 2008, our first committee overseeing the race bought over 300 beds that year for kids that did not have one.

To date, over 2700 beds have been purchased!

In 2010, the Bed Race to Aid Children Inc. of Monroe County was born as a 501(c)(3), becoming a fully charitable non-profit corporation. Its main purpose is to raise money for Monroe County kids.


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